Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Telling a few stories

Thanksgiving has come &gone & Christmas is coming up fast!! I have a few of my decorations up --not the tree yet but will get that yet this week.And am thinking about making the plum puddings.I enjoyed going to Rochester to see Rachel & kids & Peder &Sarah & Relia. They are so much fun to watch them play-Janet got out her dolls & doll bed & the girls had fun with them.Joe played with plastic blocks--they had numbers on them & Joe would say the nunbers in German--up to 20!
Donna has a funny on her email today about men taking messages. Well I have a couple of them also & they are true ones about Vic & Tony Dadey. When Peder was born (they lived in Ill) Steve called my place & Vic answered the phone -Steve told him that Donna had a baby boy &named him Peder.The message that Viv relayed to me was"Peder called & said that Dolly(she was Pudges sister & lived in Conn.) had a baby & named him Steve. I called Pat right away & she was surprised--She called Thelma(Pudges mother) & told her. Thelma was also surprsed & said I didn't even know she was pregnant!!so she called Dolly right away & Dolly has no idea what she is talking about!!!We finally got it straightened out & we have always gotten a big laugh from that story.And another one was a Tony Dadey story. Tony stopped by my house & I told him Denny was coming .Well he went to Pat's house & told her that Ginny (my sister ) was coming.Pat called me & asked why I hadn't told her that Ginny was coming I said O My Gosh I have to go get groceries & clean house !!I asked Pat who had told her that & she told me Tony so we got that one straightened out pretty fast!! But we did learn mot to give those two any messages!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


About time I write something here again! I love reading everyone elses blogs!!Well I have lived long enough to see history made --A black president-I wanted to be able to vote for a woman Pres but this will have to do for now.I wish him well but why anyone would want that job is beyond me.
I really enjoyed our visit with Ginny,Allan & all the rest . Diane is a great hostess & great cook. I was able to get Cheryl's pix & even managed to order some on the computer.Will be able to pick them up tomorrow-Anothergreat thing about a computer. I watched the Donnatelli's thing on TV --I did not know they made their own Pasta.
We had snow this morning but it is now 2pm & it is a all gone now-Just a taste of what is to come!! I had fun going thru Donna's pix & Pat had fun organizing her closet.
It sounds like Relia is saying a lot of words now & she sounds like a busy little girl. Looking forward to seeing Rachel & kids & very excited to some first pix of Marshall. I loved the pix of the kids in their Halloween costumes Even the little puppy!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


My sympathy to all the DeFor family upon the death of Erna--mother. grandmother & greatgrandmother &friend. It was so great that her family got to see her & say goodby. Our weather has been perfect these last few days but the leaves are starting to turn so we know it will be getting cooler. I am getting a new washer & dryer on Wed.--a stacked one. Pat is taking my old washer but could not take the dryer as it is 250 volt & their basement is not wired for that.I am going to call the grandkids & see if they can use it. Mary Beth just came to visit so I am going to send this & maybe write more later.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mini Trip up North

This past week I went with Pat & Pudge to Duluth & to Tower Mn. We got ahold of Matt in Duluth & went out to eat then we went to the house he is renting with a guy from LeSueur Mn. It is an old house & it is really neat. I liked the old door knobs. It has a big kitchen & Matt says he likes to cook.Also a neat fireplace in the living room. We left on Mon & went to Fortune Bay Casino & Hotel(near Tower) Pudge played golf in afternoon but had to go to a different town so Pat went with him intending to shop & look around the town. Well ther wasn't any shops & not much town(I can't remember the name) but she found a library so spent the 4 hrs therebut she enjoyed it .I went to the casino & played for a little bit . Had a $25 coupon from the hotel for casino then got $5 for signing up for card & $5 for sr. citizen.Good deal! So I played with their money Almost the whole time I was there . The next day Pudge played golf again at the casino &hotel golf course .Pat & I went to the Indian Museum which was close by--it was really interesting.Pat found some really nice cat tails by road so she picked them to bring home.The weather was just perfect & we had a great time.
I was glad to hear that Erna had gotten better.And that Hans & Heidi got to visit with her.Maybe that was why she rallied knowing how much her family loved her.
I like this hi speed internet & I have to learn how to send pix.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

I have enjoyed looking at all the pix that everyone sent of our cruise. I just got hi-speed internet on Sun. thru Comcast. I did not know they worked on Sun but they did. I am just trying to get used to it--I think I will keep my Yahoo email address as I am used to that & everyone has it.
Pat & Pudge were gone for the weekend. They went to Hayward Wis. to Jim & glorias cabin & then they went to Chicago-I think on Mon. SO it was pretty quiet around here until yesterday afternoon. I went for a ride on the Patty wagon(golf cart) Went to Pats house to check on the tomato plants then I went to the Roman Market restaurant to get a sandwich but they were closed so I headed for home. As I was coming down Warner Road I heard sirens so I pulled over & the ambulance & 2 police cars went by--they turned onto the same road I was going to turn so I took off & when I came to the top of Faversham Rd I saw the ambulance in my driveway-I hurried down & my garage door was open & rescue squad & police were coming out the door!!I said "What is going on ?"& police said my emergency signal from Life Alert had gone off! I have no idea how that happened but I must have leaned on somehow --They then called my responders #1 is Pudge & they got him in Chicago( their home calls go to his cell phone). I imagine they called Denny #2 & Barb Parent#3 But they were not home so at that point they call the rescue squad. The policewoman told me they had searched the whole house. I think they were glad when I came tooling up on the golf cart!! I stayed outside for awile talking to neighbor & in the meantime Pudge had called Kari to see if they had been to my house that day.When I got into the house Kari was calling me so I called Pat & pudge to tell them what had happened .While I was talking to them Gemma came rushing in & was happy to see I was OK. Pudge had called her to find out what was going on!! Enough excitement for one day!! & for one week!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more about our trip

I forgot to tell you about our plane--We were at the SeaTac airport waiting for our flight homewhich left at 12:30 pm-- We had about an hour to wait & we were at the gate when we saw a notice on the board that tells about flight etc.--the notice was asking for volunteers to take a later flight and would be given $300- Pat. Denny & I took advantage of this & got a voucher for $300 and a voucher for $10 for food. The next flight left at 4:10-the time seemed to go really fast.
Denny went today to get his airline ticket to LA as he is going there the end of the month for his niece's wedding. He used his voucher & he still has $33 credit!! Well worth the wait!

Cruise & other stuff

The cruise was just fantastic!! I liked it that there were so many people on the ship that we knew-we were always running into someone you knew. Pat ,Gloria, Darcy (Glorias sister)Denny & I got to Seattle about 9:30 am on Thurs. WE had reservations at Holiday Inn Downtown --Gloria & Pat looked for a cab to take us to hotel & They got a limo for same price as cab. That was the first time I had ever ridden in a limo! We went to Pikes fish Market & ate lunch there then I went back to hotel for my nap.We went to a restaurant noted for its sea food for supper.Then when getting into cab to go to hotel I shut the car door on my left leg--Now that really HURT! &did it ever get black & blue. It did not bother me on the ship unless I bumped it but I kept putting ice on it the first few days. On Sat after we got home it started to hurt & get prickly sensations like a bunch of needles & kept it up on Sun. so I went to Dr. yesterday & it had developed a surface blood clot. The Dr. numbed my leg(not enough) & then made a small incision & pushed the clot out. I have to go back Fri. to have it checked.
The scenery in Alaska is just awesome.WE saw whales, dolphins, glaciers, mountains--Linda Pat Gloria Darcy & I took a train tour in Juneau that followed the old gold rush trail-That was fantastic.
Our room said it could sleep 3 but when I walked into room there was no couch like I expected but a bunk bed!!Well guess who was the lucky one to get that?No, not me --I could not have climbed the ladder to get up there so Linda was the unlucky one. She did good!!
I have not had access to internet since Aug 4--Juno could not get it so Pudge sent for a disc & had to reinstall Juno so now I can get on but I am going to change to Comcast & get high speed
internet. I know Pat sure likes theirs now & she gets on the computer more.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

From Liz

I just checked my blog & I haven't written anything since May!! Where does the time go? For someone who is retired with nothing to do I sure find myself not being bored & always keeping busy with little things --like being on the computer for a couple of hours reading other peoples blogs & the email!!. And then I look something up --like a recipe & the time really goes !!
We were all disappointed that Ginny&Allan & Linda could not make it to Minn. but it was a wise decision with all the flood waters in Wis & S. Minn.
I finally got Vics old boat & trailer sold--I put an ad in paper on a Wed & it sold on Sat. It was Bryans boat now but he had bought a different on so did not use this one anymore. Got $400 for it which I was surprised as it was an OLD boat!The money went into Abby & Annas college fund.
Pat & I did go to Jamies school for Grandparents day She had drawn a pix of me & Pat-FUNNY! I was real skinny & Pat was fat ! I think she got her drawings mixed up!
Mary & I are going to casino at Hinckley tomorrow & stay ovemight.We have a coupon fpr a free room & that works great as I can go take a nap & then come back a play the slots some more!!
Now the weather is nice we(pat &I) have been riding around on the golf cart(the Patty Wagon) Went to library yesterday.It is fun to run around with it--You ought to see how the people laugh when they see a white-haired old lady driving it!!
Lynn lets see some blogs now.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

News from Liz

Sunday I went to a baby shower for Emily(Dianes daughter). It was at Diane & Daves new house in Blaine.Their house is really,really nice .Has lots of windows so gets lots of light-they have a screened in deck(very smart for Mn.& allthe mosquitos)& that looks out over a pond & some woods & a cornfield. Diane said the farmer planted the corn for the wild life & they reallyhave it. They have seen deer ,wild turkeys, beaver in the pond just in back of their house & sandhill cranes. We saw the cranes on Sun. Janet came on Sat & spent time with with Donna before she left on Sun for the Ukraine. Emily got a lot of nice baby things at the shower. There were 3 babies there--one was only 10 days old!! Janet is in a Sweet Adelines concert on May 17th & Diane & Dave are going -they are going to pick me up.Pat will be in Hayward Wis. so I didn't think I would be able to go but this will work out fine. Fri. I am going to Jamie Lorch's School for Grandparents Day. We were to write a letter & tell what it was like when we started school. I think mine might be a litte different as I started school in a one room schoolhouse.YES we had to walk to school-rain,snow or shine. We were on a farm which was only about a mile from school. The teacher had all 8 grades-there were aout 12 or 15 students altogether. There were little desks in front & then medium size ones & then large ones for big kids.I carried my lunch in a little tin pail with a cover.Lunch was usually a peanut butter sandwich, a cookie or piece of cake & some fruit like an apple or raisins. When I was in 4th grade the country school closed & then I went to school in town & a school bus picked us up. At the country schoolwe had to carry water from the neighboring farm .We had to take turns to get the water --we had a pailto carry the water. The toilets were outside toilets -one for boys & one for girls. In winter ther was a big old heating stove that burned coal & wood. The teacher would get there early in winter to start the fire so it would be warm when the kids got there. Interesting times !!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


We had 1 day of spring--yes terday! It was a beautiful day --now today it chilly again but no snow in the forecast--lucky us!! I am now another year older but I do not feel any older!! Thanks to everybody who sent me cards--Pat & Pudge ,Kari & fam & Mary Beth were here Sun for a nice dinner that Pat had made & we had a birthday cake & everyone sang Happy Birthday to me then we lit the candles again & sang to Kari & then once again & sang to Pat. We got a lot of mileage out of that cake!! I have rented out the basement to a young teacher until th end of the school year.She was hired at Pats school to finish out the year & she needed a place to live as she lives in Menomonie Wis. I agreed as I knew it was not permanent. Pat & Pudge are getting a new roof put on their house--There are about 8 guys over there working on it. Denny was here this a.m. with plans for an addition to his house. He is going to add a 2nd story & have 2 bedrooms, bath & laundry room up there. He is retired now & enjoys retirement.Don't we all??Pat will retire this year& that will be different for her. I enjoy reading everyones blogs --I check them every day!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

latest news--

Did we ever get snow on Mon.!! About 10 in. here.I had an appt. at the chiropractor but it was snowing and blowing so that I cancelled it. No way was I going to drive in that!! Donna was here on Sat. to get her vest & dress that I had sewed for her. Pat was here also so we went out to eat lunch at a new restaurant here in Willernie-There has been a small market where they sell meat ,cheeses & deli sandwiches. They bought the laundromat nextto it& made it into a restaurant. We now have 7 eating places here in Willernie from an upscale supper club to a coffee shop. Pat was here cleaning the downstairs as there is a possibility that I will rent it out for 2 mon. The school where Pat works hired a new teacher & she lives in Wisc. so wants a place to live until the end of the school year. I said OK but did not want anyone permanent. She came out on Sun & looked at & will let me know before Sat if she wants it.She looks about 17 !! Pat is now in Chicago with her 2 friends on their shopping trip.Their kids went together & gave them that for a Christmas present. They took the train & were looking forward to that. Bryan & family went to Florida for a week & Pudge went to St, Louis (I think) so I have Bryan's little dog Casey.She has been really good for me-When I had her before she cried & whined a lot-not this time -she is getting old so she sleeps a lot . But she has to sleepin the bed with me.She is little -about 8 lbs. The snow is just about all gone already!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chicken with its head cut off!!

Time that I write here again!! I am like Donna with her 10 min. weekends--it was only yesterday that I wrote here!!!At least it seems that way. Sun. Pat & Donna & I went to Rochester to celebrate Janets birthday. We went out to eat & then came back to their place for birthday cake. Lynn & Eddie came --I havent seen Lynn for a long time. & it was good to see Eddie after he had been so sick & in he hospial.He is doing great except for a monstrous hospital bill !!--$30,000 ---& no hospitalization! Poor guy will be paying that almost the rest of his life .
I have been to the dentist twice last week-Had one small cavity & then my front bottom were getting loose. Dentist put a fine wire to the solid teeth & the covered that with dentists cement.Now they are fine!
Yesterday I got a new dining room table -new to me -It was Tiny's. Angel(Tiny's granddaughter) called Pat the other night & told her the house was sold & did she want the dining room table so she went to look at it & told me it would look good in my dining area so yesterday Pudge & Denny got it .It is really a pretty table -also has 4 chairs. I'm glad I got it.
I noticed that Sarah used the expression"like a chicken with its head cut off" but I bet you young folks do not know how this expression came about. On the farm when you cut a chickens head off & let go of it it would flop around as much as 10 feet or so from where it lost its head ,hence the expression. another bit of trivia you could have lived without!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

bits & pieces

Pat & Pudge got back from Florida last Sat. & got home in time for some more frigid Minn weather!! We have had our share of it this winter. Several below zero days & wind chill bad. Doesn't bother me too much as I stay inside- Although I have been going to chiropractor once a week for the pinched nerve .It is 95% better. I got the Life Alert last week. A small machine plugs into the phone line & electric outlet.When the lady was here we tested it-My machine is in kitchen on the little shelf under cookbooks-- any way she had me go all over the house to see if they could hear me after I pushed the button which is on a string around my neck--I went downstairs by the washer &dryer & they could hear me loud & clear-then I went into the garage & shut the door & they still could hear me. Amazing !! Hope I never have to use it!
Yesterday Mary Beth & I took tour bus to the casino in Hinckley.I did not win this time but it was good to get out of house & do something different. i made a vest for Donna tis past week-She had the pattern & material. It turned out good but I had a terrible time with the lining! She hasn't seen it yet.
I am reading a book by Minn. author P. J. Tracy--a mother & daughter team--one lives in Mn. & the other in Cal. It is a murder mystery taking place in Mn. The murdered person is put in a snowman--There have been 3 so far & I am only half way in the book. It takes place in winter in Mn.and is Oh so familiar when the write about the weather.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

casseroles & bean soup.

We did get together at Diane's house on Jan.26.When we were there we talked about hot dishes. Diane said they called them casseroles--here in Mn casserole is the dish the hot dish goes in.I told them about Minnesotas hot dish law & then I told them that the U.S.Senate had a law that bean soup would be on the menu every day in the Senate dining room & this was a Senator from Minn. that got that passed. The Senator was Knute Nelson & this was at the turn of the century.He had gone to the dining room & they did not have bean soup on the menu So he went back to Senate where it was made a Rule that bean soup be on the menu every day. It is not a law but a Senate rule & apparently tradition has taken over as bean soup is still served every day!!Minnesotans get passionate about their food!!Although no one has gotten lutefisk as a rule or law --YET!!
Pat & Pudge left for Florida yesterday-Good timing as it was 14 below here this morning. I am staying in the house!! I made some Spanish rice for lunch today--I haven't had that for a long time.
Tomorrow someone from Life Alert is coming to set it up for me.I hope I never have to use it --but it is a safeguard. You have to pick 2 or 3 people to be first responders so I put down Pudge & Pat & Denny Lindroth & my neighbor Barb Parent. They have to have a key or access to one. I will know more after tomorrow.
Heidi that was to bad about the cabin having bats. I am not afraid of them --just the rabies they carry so I do not like to get to close to them either.
Yesterday I downloaded the pictures from my camera to the computer--I felt so smart that I was able to do that-but I did have good directions.I wish I could send pictures but my computer is too slow but I enjoy everyone elses pix.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Minnesota Winter!!

Oh Yes !we have winter in Minn. this past few days! 14 below in AM ! I have'nt stuck my nose out the door for two days except to grab the paper. Tues. Mary Beth & I went to casino (on a bus tour)It wasn't as cold then --I did well as I came home $70 richer. That does not happen very often--usually not at all!! I have gotten some information about Life Alert & I will probably get it. It costs 37.50 a month& they install a speaker phone & check once a mon to see if it is working properly. You can get either a bracelet or a necklace to wear all the time.I like the necklace.Iasked the Dr. about it & he gave me info -Also said it was a good idea for someone living alone. Pat thought it was a good idea too.
This coming weekend Pat & I are going to Liz Reeds wedding in St. Cloud This is my great niece. Then on Sun we are going to Dianes house to get together with Linda,Donna, Janet & I think Jerry.
The wedding is on Sat at 4 pm . we are staying overnight in a motel & will go right to Dianes house on Sun.
I had some turkey noodle soup for lunch & it was just great for a cold day. Stay warm everybody!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I guess I should blog more often as I forgot how to get in but after a few tries I finally made it!! It was really great to see Heidi,Chad Janet, Donna & my family during the holidays. I still do not have my decorations put away-they are downstairs waiting to be sorted & put away. I have a pinched nerve in my lower back & it affects my rt leg so I have been going to chiropractor & putting ice on it when I sit. It is getting a lot better but not fast enough for me!!
Tues Mary Beth & I are going to the casino in Hinckley-we haven't been to a casino for ages-I think the last time was on our cruise in Oct.
I enjoy reading the blogs & reading Rachel's fromGermany --They sure have had a lot of moves in their life already. And I love all the pix that everyone sends. Aren't computers just amazing?!