Friday, November 7, 2008


About time I write something here again! I love reading everyone elses blogs!!Well I have lived long enough to see history made --A black president-I wanted to be able to vote for a woman Pres but this will have to do for now.I wish him well but why anyone would want that job is beyond me.
I really enjoyed our visit with Ginny,Allan & all the rest . Diane is a great hostess & great cook. I was able to get Cheryl's pix & even managed to order some on the computer.Will be able to pick them up tomorrow-Anothergreat thing about a computer. I watched the Donnatelli's thing on TV --I did not know they made their own Pasta.
We had snow this morning but it is now 2pm & it is a all gone now-Just a taste of what is to come!! I had fun going thru Donna's pix & Pat had fun organizing her closet.
It sounds like Relia is saying a lot of words now & she sounds like a busy little girl. Looking forward to seeing Rachel & kids & very excited to some first pix of Marshall. I loved the pix of the kids in their Halloween costumes Even the little puppy!!