Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Linda & her granddaughter Claire came on Fri & stayed overnight.Then they went to Dianes house & to attend Joshs' graduation Claire is 7 and she is a delightful little girl. Pat gave her a ride on the Patty Wagon which she really liked. Kids just love riding on it. We went to the cemetary Fri eve to put flowers on the graves.Claire had several questions at the cemetary which Linda answered quite well. A new experience for Claire. Pat & Pudge went to Hayward ,Wis for the weekend & Denny went to Iowa with a friend so it is really quiet around here. The weather so far has been just perfect --Just a nice breeze & 75 degrees. Mary Bethjust called & she is going to bring me some rhubarb-I always like some in the spring to make some sauce.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weather & such

What a difference a few days make--first we have a really chilly day with wind on Sun. then comes Tues with a temperature of 89 degrees!!We who live in Minn. sure are a hardy bunch to survive the weather changes!! I had a really nice Mothers Day-went out to eat with Pat, Bobby &her mother & Shannon. Sat Bobby called me & told me that Shannon was in the hospital--had fluid in her lungs & around her heart. I went to see her on Sun & she was much better but still on oxygen. Her fiance has been in Iraq but will be home sometime this week. I have met him once.He seems to be a really nice guy.She has a beautiful diamond ring & they plan on getting married in 2010 but thats all I know.
The lilacs are all in bloom now & so are the little wild Mayflowers & violets. So is the creeping Charlie but Pudge sprayed the lawn so now it is gone -at least for awhile!!
Kari & the kids came out on Fri & took me out for supper.The 26th is Travis'10th birthday- those kids sure grow up fast!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 1st

Yesterday was May Ist & Allan Addleman's 80th birthday!!When I was young we used to make May baskets out of construction paper or old wallpaper samples and we would pick wildflowers-violets or Mayflowers & put in the basket . Then we would go to our friends house & hang the basket on the doorknob & run so they would not see us. Especially if it was a boy!!I lived in the country so I would stay with my friend Eleanor who lived in town which gave me a chance to hang Maybaskets.I am still friends with Eleanor & we get together once a year for lunch. She used to come & stay overnight with me on the farm. She loved coming out there & I loved going into town!
I went to Menomonie Wis. yesterday to Barb Hulback's . Everything was so green& the leaves were popping out on the trees. We saw an eagle on the way home. He was sitting on a telephone pole by a small lake. We have seen him there before. Barb & Don have 3 bird feeders outside their living roomwindow & the birds were busy eating.Wesaw cardinals, woodpeckers, finches,cow birds & mourning doves. The orioles & hummingbirds are not back yet.