Wednesday, June 18, 2008

From Liz

I just checked my blog & I haven't written anything since May!! Where does the time go? For someone who is retired with nothing to do I sure find myself not being bored & always keeping busy with little things --like being on the computer for a couple of hours reading other peoples blogs & the email!!. And then I look something up --like a recipe & the time really goes !!
We were all disappointed that Ginny&Allan & Linda could not make it to Minn. but it was a wise decision with all the flood waters in Wis & S. Minn.
I finally got Vics old boat & trailer sold--I put an ad in paper on a Wed & it sold on Sat. It was Bryans boat now but he had bought a different on so did not use this one anymore. Got $400 for it which I was surprised as it was an OLD boat!The money went into Abby & Annas college fund.
Pat & I did go to Jamies school for Grandparents day She had drawn a pix of me & Pat-FUNNY! I was real skinny & Pat was fat ! I think she got her drawings mixed up!
Mary & I are going to casino at Hinckley tomorrow & stay ovemight.We have a coupon fpr a free room & that works great as I can go take a nap & then come back a play the slots some more!!
Now the weather is nice we(pat &I) have been riding around on the golf cart(the Patty Wagon) Went to library yesterday.It is fun to run around with it--You ought to see how the people laugh when they see a white-haired old lady driving it!!
Lynn lets see some blogs now.