Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more about our trip

I forgot to tell you about our plane--We were at the SeaTac airport waiting for our flight homewhich left at 12:30 pm-- We had about an hour to wait & we were at the gate when we saw a notice on the board that tells about flight etc.--the notice was asking for volunteers to take a later flight and would be given $300- Pat. Denny & I took advantage of this & got a voucher for $300 and a voucher for $10 for food. The next flight left at 4:10-the time seemed to go really fast.
Denny went today to get his airline ticket to LA as he is going there the end of the month for his niece's wedding. He used his voucher & he still has $33 credit!! Well worth the wait!

Cruise & other stuff

The cruise was just fantastic!! I liked it that there were so many people on the ship that we knew-we were always running into someone you knew. Pat ,Gloria, Darcy (Glorias sister)Denny & I got to Seattle about 9:30 am on Thurs. WE had reservations at Holiday Inn Downtown --Gloria & Pat looked for a cab to take us to hotel & They got a limo for same price as cab. That was the first time I had ever ridden in a limo! We went to Pikes fish Market & ate lunch there then I went back to hotel for my nap.We went to a restaurant noted for its sea food for supper.Then when getting into cab to go to hotel I shut the car door on my left leg--Now that really HURT! &did it ever get black & blue. It did not bother me on the ship unless I bumped it but I kept putting ice on it the first few days. On Sat after we got home it started to hurt & get prickly sensations like a bunch of needles & kept it up on Sun. so I went to Dr. yesterday & it had developed a surface blood clot. The Dr. numbed my leg(not enough) & then made a small incision & pushed the clot out. I have to go back Fri. to have it checked.
The scenery in Alaska is just awesome.WE saw whales, dolphins, glaciers, mountains--Linda Pat Gloria Darcy & I took a train tour in Juneau that followed the old gold rush trail-That was fantastic.
Our room said it could sleep 3 but when I walked into room there was no couch like I expected but a bunk bed!!Well guess who was the lucky one to get that?No, not me --I could not have climbed the ladder to get up there so Linda was the unlucky one. She did good!!
I have not had access to internet since Aug 4--Juno could not get it so Pudge sent for a disc & had to reinstall Juno so now I can get on but I am going to change to Comcast & get high speed
internet. I know Pat sure likes theirs now & she gets on the computer more.