Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beet Greens!

Diane posted some great pictures of our weekend & Donna did a good job of telling what we did so that leaves me nothing to tell about except that it was a great weekend--The weather was just perfect!!And Sarah got good pic of their visit to Willernie--I just love looking at all the pictures.Relia is so cute --she says lots of words now,She liked the ants that Pat had on the table &Pat gave her some to take home.Last year at this time we were all getting ready for the Alaskan cruise--we had Relias 1st birthday party on the ship.
Yesterday I had Mary Beth over for lunch & cooked up some beet greens for her.SHE LIKED THEM! We had buffalo burgers also & an Irish dish called colcannan which is boiled cabbage & mashed potatoes mixed together.She liked that too.I really like it.The recipe calls for bacon bits too but I like it without.
Ginny ,what happened to the nursing home in Lake Crystal-it is not there by the cemetary. Did they move it?
Denny isn't done with his house yet-has to get the carpeting in but the builder is all done so he really isn't living in the new addition yet. He has washer & dryer & bathroom upstairs that he uses.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More pixat wedding

This is Gabby passing out Choc.chip cookies!
This is Shawn Barry watching the kids at the ceremony THe blond ones are Dans & the two other girls are Sineads. They were all very good!& cute!

pix of wedding

Cutting the cake -Sinead & Dan--PattyWagon in backPat driving-She decorated it for the bride & groom

mary beth ,liz, gemma at church for Sineads wedding

Monday, July 13, 2009

tryout for pix

Sarah sent me directions on how to send a pix on the blog so I am going to try it. Lets see what happens!!DIDN"T WORK. I got the browse button & picked the pix but itdid not tellme how to transfer pix to blog. I saw upload but it was covered by the pix so I could not click on it. I guess I need someone to show me & then hope I don't forget how!!
Yesterday I made an Irish dish --colcannon-recipe was in the paper.It is mashed potatoes & boiled cabbage & little onion & all mixed together & I think it is very good.You boil cabbage & potatoes separate- then mash potatoes & then add cabbage.Onion is cooked with cabbage.Can also add bacon fried crisp & broken up but I like it without meat.Gemma said she has eaten it but she does not like cabbage so does not make it. Also this past week Mary Beth gave me some beet greens that she got at the farmers market-I like those-I boil until tender & then put on salt & pepper & a little vinegar.
Donna,Good for you replacing the toilet seat!! Hope you get the electric back today. Our trip to Walnut Grove is coming up soon.I am looking forward to it. My car will take 7 passengers counting driver so you know for planning.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I haven't written here since I got my new car & I was going to send a pix but I haven't taken any yet .I went with Allison Hulback to Menomonie Wis to Barb place so that is my first trip.Then I got busy making cookies for Sinead Barry's wedding--that was Pats idea to give everyone 2 choc.chip cookies in a bag tied with ribbon.--so Imade over 400 cookies for 200 wedding guests!!then Gemma,Pat, Mary Beth & I bagged them all & Pat decorated baskets & the little girls passed them out at the reception. The wedding was Sat 3rd--Old church in Minneapolis-a really neat one--then the reception was in a friends yard in LinoLakes. Pat Gemma & I decorated the tables. Pat used tiger lilies & wild white flowers for centerpieces.She also decorated the Patty Wagon for the bride & groom to ride around. I will post some pix on email as I do not know how to put pix on a blog. Maybe someone will tell me how?? So now to email.