Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last Sun I went with Donna & Janet to a musical at Bloomington Civic Center. It was the Music Man & it was really good. Then we went out for supper & then Jan & I went to my house & she spent the night.A good time was had by all!! Now this Sun Pat, Kari , Jamie & I are going to Anna's dance recital.They always have a number they call Dads & Daughters. This year Bryan agreed to be in it with Anna--We can hardly wait to see this.He said he actually had fun at the practices & meeting the other dads. Anna is so pleased tht he is doing this with her & we are proud of him for doing it!
The Willernie Garden Club(Pat Soderberg, Gemma Barry & me as a consultant) planted a window box for the post office yesterday.They are going to plant something in front of the town hall--Can't do a window box as can't drill into stucco --which Vic stuccoed years ago.
Pudge is in Canada fishing this week with 3 other guys. They go to the same place every year.
We are getting a little misty rain today but we need more. White Bear Lake is way down-Paper said about 3 ft. --So come on rain!!