Thursday, February 21, 2008

bits & pieces

Pat & Pudge got back from Florida last Sat. & got home in time for some more frigid Minn weather!! We have had our share of it this winter. Several below zero days & wind chill bad. Doesn't bother me too much as I stay inside- Although I have been going to chiropractor once a week for the pinched nerve .It is 95% better. I got the Life Alert last week. A small machine plugs into the phone line & electric outlet.When the lady was here we tested it-My machine is in kitchen on the little shelf under cookbooks-- any way she had me go all over the house to see if they could hear me after I pushed the button which is on a string around my neck--I went downstairs by the washer &dryer & they could hear me loud & clear-then I went into the garage & shut the door & they still could hear me. Amazing !! Hope I never have to use it!
Yesterday Mary Beth & I took tour bus to the casino in Hinckley.I did not win this time but it was good to get out of house & do something different. i made a vest for Donna tis past week-She had the pattern & material. It turned out good but I had a terrible time with the lining! She hasn't seen it yet.
I am reading a book by Minn. author P. J. Tracy--a mother & daughter team--one lives in Mn. & the other in Cal. It is a murder mystery taking place in Mn. The murdered person is put in a snowman--There have been 3 so far & I am only half way in the book. It takes place in winter in Mn.and is Oh so familiar when the write about the weather.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

casseroles & bean soup.

We did get together at Diane's house on Jan.26.When we were there we talked about hot dishes. Diane said they called them casseroles--here in Mn casserole is the dish the hot dish goes in.I told them about Minnesotas hot dish law & then I told them that the U.S.Senate had a law that bean soup would be on the menu every day in the Senate dining room & this was a Senator from Minn. that got that passed. The Senator was Knute Nelson & this was at the turn of the century.He had gone to the dining room & they did not have bean soup on the menu So he went back to Senate where it was made a Rule that bean soup be on the menu every day. It is not a law but a Senate rule & apparently tradition has taken over as bean soup is still served every day!!Minnesotans get passionate about their food!!Although no one has gotten lutefisk as a rule or law --YET!!
Pat & Pudge left for Florida yesterday-Good timing as it was 14 below here this morning. I am staying in the house!! I made some Spanish rice for lunch today--I haven't had that for a long time.
Tomorrow someone from Life Alert is coming to set it up for me.I hope I never have to use it --but it is a safeguard. You have to pick 2 or 3 people to be first responders so I put down Pudge & Pat & Denny Lindroth & my neighbor Barb Parent. They have to have a key or access to one. I will know more after tomorrow.
Heidi that was to bad about the cabin having bats. I am not afraid of them --just the rabies they carry so I do not like to get to close to them either.
Yesterday I downloaded the pictures from my camera to the computer--I felt so smart that I was able to do that-but I did have good directions.I wish I could send pictures but my computer is too slow but I enjoy everyone elses pix.