Sunday, July 25, 2010


Donna wrote that the Kiewatt reunion was to be in the littlet0wn of Ottawa that is halfway between LeSueur & St. Peter. My folks moved ther when I was in high school.They lived on the old Kiewatt place. It had a barn &pigpen & chicken coop & outdoor toilet--No running water or electricity.My parents had 2or 3 cows & some pigs & chickens. there was a pasture & a small cornfield.The place was wired for electricity but they could not afford it so we had kerosene lamps & lanterns.
I did not want to change schools so it was decided that I could stay with Dorothy & Art in St Peter during the week & come home on weekends.The train ran thru Ottawa so I was able to ride it from St.Peter to Ottawa On Fri Eve & return on Sun at noon.The ride cost one dime!!!The conductors got to know me & were very friendly. Ginny went to school in Ottawa & the school is still standing but is very run down & is not used for anything.The old Kiewatt place is all gone --bought up by the white sand quarry which is a big enterprise in Ottawa. They ship white sand all over the country.