Sunday, October 28, 2007


I forgot yesterday to tell you that I made use of my swimsuit!! I went to the hot tub almost every day & it was great!!There were lots ofheavey weights on the shipso I fit right in! Lots of people with walkers & a couple of motorized chairs & wheelchairs. one guy had a broken leg & he was in a wheelchair. Not to many young people on this cruise & only a few very young children.
Wed. Mary Beth went with me to St. Peter For our old friends get together. I have been friends with Eleanor for 70 yrs & Maxine for66 yrs. We have changed a lot in those years!!! We have been getting together once a year now for 20 yrs.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Panama Canal cruise

It was a great cruise! And the Canal was very interesting to go thru the locks-Our ship had about two feet from the wall of the lock-no chance of error! There are small locomotives on both sides of the lock which have cables to the ship & keep it steady. We were at sea for two days after leaving Fort Lauderdale. I went to beauty shop on ship & had my hair cut & set.The cost wasn't to bad-$52- but a lot more than I pay here as I get sr. discount-$15- I went to the library & took some books to our cabin but did not read much. Our cabin was at the opposite end of the ship from the dining room & buffet - which was probably a good thing as we had to walk a lot!!The food was fantastic! One night I had prime rib-next lamb-then lobster &shrimp-chicken kiev & the desserts were to die for. The buffet was great also-we usually had lunch at the buffet & everyday at 3;30 there was a Tea which we went to a couple of times.Our dinner was at 8pm. We had a real nice group at our table.One couple was from Las Vegas-one from Florida & one from Wales.The lady from Wales had her birthday so her husband treated all of us to champagne!
Our first stop was at Aruba-a small island off the coast of Columbia.We did some shopping there but it was so hot & humid that I could hardly wait to get back to the ship.Then we went to Cartagena-also in Columbia &it was hot there too so I did not get off the ship.Then to the Canal where we went thru the locks to Gatun Lake. Mary Beth got off the ship & took a tour thru rain forest & got back on the ship at Cristobal. I wanted to go thru the locks again so I did not take the tour + the heat was too much for me.At Cristobal the tempature was 87* & the humidity was 97* !!! then on to Limon,Costa Rica where we took a tour of country side & banana plantation. That was great. We were at sea the next day till we came to Ocha Rios Jamaica where we took a tour on a glass bottom boat--I have never paid so much to be uncomfortable in my life!!The boat was small & the benches we had to sit on were only about 14inches high so my knees were practically hitting my chin & you had to lean forward to see thru the glass AND the glass was leaking!! The crew kept mopping up the water with a sponge!! AND the biggest fish we saw was about 6 inches long & not even colorful.I've seen better minnows in a minnow bucket!Boy was I glad to get off that boat ! Good thing it was only an hour & that was to long.
After Jamaica we were at sea heading for Florida --we were north of Cuba when a passenger spotted 3 people in the water- Our ship turned around & sent out two rescue boats & thy searched for three hrs. but did not find anyone.I saw the small raft on the water but it was falling apart & pieces were floating all around .The Coast Guard was notified & we went on our way . We went to a stage show almost every night-1 night we went to a movie-also went to the casino but had no luck at all.Mary Beth did OK-She came out ahead $40 . I was really tired when we got home Sun. eve, I went to bed at 7;30pm & did not get up until 7am. But it was all worth it & I am looking forward to next cruise to Alaska!