Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back home

Well I am back in the frozen North. I got back from Phoenix Fri eve & the temperature was 80 above & it was 11 below in St. Paul What a change!!I reall enjoyed myself in Arizona--if you have read Pats blog she tells about all that we did.The time went really fast. Pat & Pudge would like to go down there for 3 year & I would go & stay longer also.Had a big stack of mail to sort through-Denny had been picking up our mail -Pat & Pudge have a lot too.I toured Dennys new addition yesterday-They have gotten alot done in the last 2 weeks All the walls are in so you can see what it will look like--There are 2 bedrooms & full bath ,walkin closet & hallway upstairs. I did not go into the downstairs but they have torn out the wall between the bedroom & living room so it gives him a bigger living room.
I went out yesterday to get groceries & I do not intend to go out unless absolutely necessary!!I am SO glad I do not have to go to work!!Don't worry you guys your turn will come!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Had a wonderful holiday season with family & friends--Now I am getting ready to go to Arizona on Sat for two weeks. Pat & Pudge have rented a condo there for the mon. of Jan. They left on Dec 27--they drove there. Their friends Jim & Gloria rented a condo also by them. I have talked to them & they say the weather is great --they had lunch out on the patio yesterday.It sounds great!! Also they have a heated swimming pool so yesterday I had to go to Pats house to get her bathing suit-& I am packing mine as they have a hot tub which I really liked when we were on the cruise.

Denny 's house is really shaping up-the carpenters are there every day & getting a lot done- it sure looks different with the second story on it .
Pat & Pudge took my suitcase & Gemmas with them in the car so we do not have to deal with them at the airport . Wise idea , right?? Going to the bank now to get money & then I am all set.