Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring news

I was reading the White Bear paper this past week especilly the want ads & here is a couple that were in there::"FOR SALE used bubblegum collection. Topp's,Fleer,Bazooka Joe--WE've chewed them all and now we're selling our collection! Call before the flavor goes away"
2nd one--"FOR RENT: 1 room shackon the bottom of White Bear Lake. Water & utilities included. Call now!" THEN I looked at the date of the paper & it was April 1st!!
Barb Hulback was here Thurs. & Fri & she did my taxes for me-I am always glad to get that done & I get some money back which is really nice!! The snow is nearly allgone but we are supposed to get some tonight--but it does not last long.This has been a nasty spring -Cold ,snow rain & a little bit of sun.
Linda, dying Easter eggs sounds fun-- I have'nt dyed any for years.I am having everyone here for Easter dinner. Pat always organizes an Easter egg hunt in the yard for the kids & the adults.The kids get wrapped presents-each kid has a colored ribbon on their present &they can only collect the present with their color ribbon on it.The adults collect plastic eggs with funny little presents inside & it is alot of fun-- one egg has a $5 bill in it but most of them are just dumb stuff!! but funny~!
Happy Spring!!