Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Great weekend

I guess it is about time that I start blogging again. Had a great weekend--Kari & Charlie came out & we went to Paneras for lunch.Then we came back here & they cleaned my house.Great job. Then Mark, neighbor next to Denny was over & raked all the leaves that were in the yard. Wasn't that nice of him? He was the one who shoveled my driveway last year after Pudge went to Az. Kari brought out sone homemade wild rice &chicken soup that she had made. It was really ,really good. We are going to have Thanksgiving at Kari's house this year. It is too much for me to tackle without Pat here to help.
I have to go to eye Dr. today. Iwas there 2 weeks ago for routine check & the pressure in my rt. eye was high so he wants to check it again today.The left eye was fine.
Kari also put all my pix that are on the computer on a disc. After that is done I delete them from computer.I have a lot of pictures!! But the discs are sure a lot better than all the big old albums.
Our weather has been really great for Nov.It can stay this way for a whole lot longer!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More about Ottawa

Another memory of Ottawa-We had to go to a little post office to get our mail.It had been agrocery store also butno groceries when we lived there.The train would throw out a mail bag as it roared thru Ottawa & the station master would take it to the post office. Outgoing mail was put in a bag then attached to an ironpost& as the train went by a man in the mail car had a long rod that he would grab the mail bag off the pole.My friend & I would go to the little depot to watch this & to see if the guy ever missed the bag. He never did when we were there. Then we would go to the P.O. to wait for the mail to be sorted & get our mail if we had any.
On Nov.11th 1940 my friend,Lorayne & I went to the P.O. about 11:30 to get the mail--It had been sunny in the AM but it started to snow about that time. It was about 12:30 when the mail came in & the snow was really coming down.We had a hard time walking home as the wind was blowing & it was snowing really hard! I was glad to get home.That was one of the worst blizzards in Minn. Many people were caught out in it & died.Trains & cars could not get thru the big drifts. We did not have electricity & were lucky that way as all electricity was out all over. Our neighbor borrowed lanterns from us so he could milk his cows.We had a battery powered radio so we could hear all the news about the blizzard-which was not goodnews!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Donna wrote that the Kiewatt reunion was to be in the littlet0wn of Ottawa that is halfway between LeSueur & St. Peter. My folks moved ther when I was in high school.They lived on the old Kiewatt place. It had a barn &pigpen & chicken coop & outdoor toilet--No running water or electricity.My parents had 2or 3 cows & some pigs & chickens. there was a pasture & a small cornfield.The place was wired for electricity but they could not afford it so we had kerosene lamps & lanterns.
I did not want to change schools so it was decided that I could stay with Dorothy & Art in St Peter during the week & come home on weekends.The train ran thru Ottawa so I was able to ride it from St.Peter to Ottawa On Fri Eve & return on Sun at noon.The ride cost one dime!!!The conductors got to know me & were very friendly. Ginny went to school in Ottawa & the school is still standing but is very run down & is not used for anything.The old Kiewatt place is all gone --bought up by the white sand quarry which is a big enterprise in Ottawa. They ship white sand all over the country.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What a weekend! We really celebrated the birthdays--Fri Mary Beth, Denny & Pat were here for lunch.Mary made a really good pasta salad. Then on Sat neices & nephews were here(13) total & everybody brought something to eat so we had a great lunch.Ethan & Relia were the little ones & they really got along well.They sat on the little chairs that I have in my living room & pretended to have a tea party-Relia poured in little cups from the little teapot. & then they would pretend to drink --Then she would ask Ethan "Do you want some more?" & he would say yes.We took scads of pix of them!!- Then on Sun the family came for dinner(16) counting Denny.The only thing I fixed was a ham .Lots of good food & company over the weekend.And I do not feel any older!!
Mary Beth & Barb H. are going to the casino in Hinckley on Thurs.We have been there since last fall.
Diane made the neatest picture for me--It is pix of sisters & she had old pix of me Dorothy & Ginny.One was the 3 of us by the old Quonset hut that Ginny & Allan lived w hen he was going to college in Mpls.Can't see much of it but I know that is it. You can see the corrigated side(sp?).
I really want to thank everybody for making my 85th birhtday so special.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is March??!! It is a great one! At least Pat & Pudge won't be coming home to snow & ice! Bryan called yesterday & is coming out to get his boat this weekend--he is getting fishing fever with this nice weather. Diane-the manhunt had to be scary-Did they think he was hiding in the woods by your place?
Got the bill for the overnight stay in hospital --It was $9344--Quite an expensive hotel!! One baby aspirin was $5.46.Isn't that awful?? Thank goodness my hospitalization pays for all of it. I have'nt gotten the bill yet for the rescue squad. I will probably be shocked when I see that!
A big tree across the street by the creek fell down yesterday. It hit the shed on the house across the creek from me. The tree was really rotten.Denny went over to check it out. I heard it fall but Denny saw it go down.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I went to the Dr. on Mon for followup after hospital & everything is OK . The yeast infection is cleared up --My blood sugar is running a little high but Dr. gave me a med to get it more regulated & he assured me that it would not make it to low.I have been watching what I eat which I was very careless about before. Denny just came over to see some pix of his little niece who just had a 1st birthday party & the mom sent some pix .He has been coming over every morning to check on me. I guess I scared him pretty bad!!

7 he assured me it woul

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I guess most of you know that I was in the hospital Wed &Thurs because of low blood sugar.On Tues I was feeling dizzy & sweaty before I ate breakfast but after I ate I felt OK. Same thing before lunch & supper & also I had some tingling in my cheek. Denny was over in the evening & I told him about it . He did ask if maybeit had something to do with blood sugar but like a dummy I did not test it .SO in the morning Denny thot he should check on me before he went to his job.He woke me up & I could not talk -words very slurry & I had no strength-could barely move! Denny called 911 & the paramedics asked Denny if I was a diabetic & he said yes --They took my blood sugar & it was 50-They gave me glucose & within 5 min I could talk & answer their questions. Took me to the hospital in ambulance where they did a CTscan,Xrays of chest & an EKG.Next day the Dr, said all tests were normal. Isn't that good news? The probable reason for low blood sugar was I was on an antibiotic for ayeast infection & The antibiotic increased the diabetic meds. My meds are changed some now & I go to my DR on Mon for followup. Needless to say I am testing blood sugar 4x day.Now it has been a little high so maybe new med isn't working so well. That was sure a scare for me & everyone else!!
Kari & fam went to Az yesterday for a week. Jeff came out today & vacuumed & cleaned the kitchen-Did a good job too.
I came home on Thurs aft. Denny has been over Fri & SAt Am about 8:15 to check on me !!