Wednesday, December 30, 2009


After Christmas

Had a great Christmas --Everyone was here except Shannon who spent it with her Mom & Grandma. It was her 35th birthday also.Had a good time with our get together with the nieces & got some really good cookies with the cookie exchange!!I sent my clothes for Az with Pat & pudge so all I have to take when I go is a carry on.I am going on the 18th of Jan & return on Mar 1st.Now I am going to try to post some pix. Not to good at this yet!! Could not figure ho w to do the pix yet Will keep trying!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pretty table by Martha Stewart (Pat Soderberg) Zoie- Pat's Little neighbor girl. She loves Pat & wants to go with her all the time She is four & is such a good girl. She ate a little bit with us & then had to go home for her dinner at 6pm

Matt & Amber- his fiancee

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

news about cruise

Got back from the cruise late Sun. night-11:30pm---I was really tired as I had gotten up at 7am-Had a little nap at the airport & on the plane.The cruise was really great BUT I had forgotten how hot it gets in the Carribbean & with the humidity it was really bad for me. We only got off the ship 3 x .We went to San Juan,Puerto Rico,St. Thomas USVI,Antigua,TortolaBVI & Nassau,Bahamas. We went to a beautiful beach in St Thomas but I did not go in the water-to hard to walk in the sand but a nice breeze so it was good.We shopped in Antigua& I got a couple of bright flowered shirts. Then we took a tour in Tortola up the mountains with wonderful views. But the hairpin turns were a little much!!Then we took a city tour ro Nassau & that was the longest two hours of my life!!It was HOT& Humid & the tour cab was not air conditioned & the tour was boring.I was so glad to get out of there.My clothes were just wet from sweat.The food was great & the shows were really good-we went to the stage show every night after dinner.& there was a casino that we stopped at every day!!And we met some really nice people. It is raining & dreary out today-I am about to take a nap as soon as I get done with this letter.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

news from Willernie

I Haven't blogged for awhile but when every day is the about the same &no news it is hard to think of something to write about.I always read everyones blogs every day & now facebook.It is so much more fun to read than to write!!
I did write an email about taking a cruise in Oct. This will be my 5th one--I really like those cruises!! Two have beento the Carribean(Western &Eastern) Panama Canal & Alaska. This one is also a Carribean but different ports of call.Nassau,Bahamas-& british Virgin Islands,St Thomas USVI & Puerto Rico.
Wed. I am going to Battle Lake MN-Not far from Fergus Falls -to Maxine & Alan Johnson's house for our yearly get together with Eleanor & Maxine.Alan is on oxygen & can't drive a long ways so we are going to their house. MaryBeth is going with me as I would not drive that far by myself. I do not drive very far any more--to grocery store,bank, & mall which is about 5or 6 miles from me. I can tell that my reflexes are not what they used to be!!
I have not sewed anything for a long time but now I am going to make two blouses for the black & one print. I was looking at pix of the other cruises & noticed that I was wearing the same dressup blouse on 3 of them so decided it was time to make a new one!!.
Yesterday was cool & rainy so I made a big kettle of vegetable soup.It really hit the spot.
Oct 3rd we (Donna Janet Pat Diane & Dave ) are going to Scandia Mn.for a Swedish folk dress show.Scandia is a little north of Stillwater& was settled by Swedes.They have a museum there & several buildings(log) showing how the pioneers lived. This is also the area that the series of books--The Immigrants #1 & then 3 more but I can't remember the names of the others But they were really good books.Have any of you read them?They are fiction but really tell about the hardships of the pioneers.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is a pix of Trevor taken last week. I don't know where these kids get their height from!!Trevor will be 16 in Nov.& he is already 6 ft. tall!!
He is going to St. Thomas Academy this fall. He got a scholarship-He is really good at baseball as a pitcher. The school has started practicing for football already & he has gone to three practices--He was here today & was walking very stiff as he is sore from the practice!!

Duluth & company

I went to Duluth Sun. & Mon. to see Matt.This is a pix of him in his room.Hre lives in a house with 2 other guys & 2 girls. He is not far from the lake & has a great view from his window. They have 3 cats &2 dogs but the guy with the dogs was not there-he is on vacation--I saw 1 cat.It was on Matts bed when we came in.Met his girl friend also but she had to work at 5pm on Sun. We went to that restaurant ( an Italian one)for supper.It is right on the main street of Duluth. Then Matt had to work onMon.We went there for lunch before heading home .It is a Mexican restaurant--Matt is a cook there. The pix is him making our tacos.
Last weekend my brother-in- law Gene Bushard from Montana was here. He is 81 yrs old & still drives all over but his son drives the truck --They sell mufflers all over Mont & part of N. Dak. Gene just drives the car.
This year is the 60th year for Willernie as a city-they are not planning any big thing --just announcing it on the water bill.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

concert at Como

Pat & I went to a concert at Como Park last night--It was Sweet Adeline choruses from around the state. Janet was there with part of her chorus(most were on vacation) but they sang at the end> There were over 200 on the stage singing & it was VERY impressive.Ijust watched it on YouTube. I could see Janet but I knew where she was standing otherwise I do not thinkI could have found her. Denny took me & his neighbors out to eat Mon. We went to the Roman Market which is here in Willernie where the laundromat used to be. He did this because of helping him with putting up a retaining wall between their houses & me because he parked his house trailer in my back driveway while the workmen were at his house.They have good food & big portions. We have had really good weather --but we still need rain.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beet Greens!

Diane posted some great pictures of our weekend & Donna did a good job of telling what we did so that leaves me nothing to tell about except that it was a great weekend--The weather was just perfect!!And Sarah got good pic of their visit to Willernie--I just love looking at all the pictures.Relia is so cute --she says lots of words now,She liked the ants that Pat had on the table &Pat gave her some to take home.Last year at this time we were all getting ready for the Alaskan cruise--we had Relias 1st birthday party on the ship.
Yesterday I had Mary Beth over for lunch & cooked up some beet greens for her.SHE LIKED THEM! We had buffalo burgers also & an Irish dish called colcannan which is boiled cabbage & mashed potatoes mixed together.She liked that too.I really like it.The recipe calls for bacon bits too but I like it without.
Ginny ,what happened to the nursing home in Lake Crystal-it is not there by the cemetary. Did they move it?
Denny isn't done with his house yet-has to get the carpeting in but the builder is all done so he really isn't living in the new addition yet. He has washer & dryer & bathroom upstairs that he uses.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More pixat wedding

This is Gabby passing out Choc.chip cookies!
This is Shawn Barry watching the kids at the ceremony THe blond ones are Dans & the two other girls are Sineads. They were all very good!& cute!

pix of wedding

Cutting the cake -Sinead & Dan--PattyWagon in backPat driving-She decorated it for the bride & groom

mary beth ,liz, gemma at church for Sineads wedding

Monday, July 13, 2009

tryout for pix

Sarah sent me directions on how to send a pix on the blog so I am going to try it. Lets see what happens!!DIDN"T WORK. I got the browse button & picked the pix but itdid not tellme how to transfer pix to blog. I saw upload but it was covered by the pix so I could not click on it. I guess I need someone to show me & then hope I don't forget how!!
Yesterday I made an Irish dish --colcannon-recipe was in the paper.It is mashed potatoes & boiled cabbage & little onion & all mixed together & I think it is very good.You boil cabbage & potatoes separate- then mash potatoes & then add cabbage.Onion is cooked with cabbage.Can also add bacon fried crisp & broken up but I like it without meat.Gemma said she has eaten it but she does not like cabbage so does not make it. Also this past week Mary Beth gave me some beet greens that she got at the farmers market-I like those-I boil until tender & then put on salt & pepper & a little vinegar.
Donna,Good for you replacing the toilet seat!! Hope you get the electric back today. Our trip to Walnut Grove is coming up soon.I am looking forward to it. My car will take 7 passengers counting driver so you know for planning.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I haven't written here since I got my new car & I was going to send a pix but I haven't taken any yet .I went with Allison Hulback to Menomonie Wis to Barb place so that is my first trip.Then I got busy making cookies for Sinead Barry's wedding--that was Pats idea to give everyone 2 choc.chip cookies in a bag tied with ribbon.--so Imade over 400 cookies for 200 wedding guests!!then Gemma,Pat, Mary Beth & I bagged them all & Pat decorated baskets & the little girls passed them out at the reception. The wedding was Sat 3rd--Old church in Minneapolis-a really neat one--then the reception was in a friends yard in LinoLakes. Pat Gemma & I decorated the tables. Pat used tiger lilies & wild white flowers for centerpieces.She also decorated the Patty Wagon for the bride & groom to ride around. I will post some pix on email as I do not know how to put pix on a blog. Maybe someone will tell me how?? So now to email.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last Sun I went with Donna & Janet to a musical at Bloomington Civic Center. It was the Music Man & it was really good. Then we went out for supper & then Jan & I went to my house & she spent the night.A good time was had by all!! Now this Sun Pat, Kari , Jamie & I are going to Anna's dance recital.They always have a number they call Dads & Daughters. This year Bryan agreed to be in it with Anna--We can hardly wait to see this.He said he actually had fun at the practices & meeting the other dads. Anna is so pleased tht he is doing this with her & we are proud of him for doing it!
The Willernie Garden Club(Pat Soderberg, Gemma Barry & me as a consultant) planted a window box for the post office yesterday.They are going to plant something in front of the town hall--Can't do a window box as can't drill into stucco --which Vic stuccoed years ago.
Pudge is in Canada fishing this week with 3 other guys. They go to the same place every year.
We are getting a little misty rain today but we need more. White Bear Lake is way down-Paper said about 3 ft. --So come on rain!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Linda & her granddaughter Claire came on Fri & stayed overnight.Then they went to Dianes house & to attend Joshs' graduation Claire is 7 and she is a delightful little girl. Pat gave her a ride on the Patty Wagon which she really liked. Kids just love riding on it. We went to the cemetary Fri eve to put flowers on the graves.Claire had several questions at the cemetary which Linda answered quite well. A new experience for Claire. Pat & Pudge went to Hayward ,Wis for the weekend & Denny went to Iowa with a friend so it is really quiet around here. The weather so far has been just perfect --Just a nice breeze & 75 degrees. Mary Bethjust called & she is going to bring me some rhubarb-I always like some in the spring to make some sauce.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weather & such

What a difference a few days make--first we have a really chilly day with wind on Sun. then comes Tues with a temperature of 89 degrees!!We who live in Minn. sure are a hardy bunch to survive the weather changes!! I had a really nice Mothers Day-went out to eat with Pat, Bobby &her mother & Shannon. Sat Bobby called me & told me that Shannon was in the hospital--had fluid in her lungs & around her heart. I went to see her on Sun & she was much better but still on oxygen. Her fiance has been in Iraq but will be home sometime this week. I have met him once.He seems to be a really nice guy.She has a beautiful diamond ring & they plan on getting married in 2010 but thats all I know.
The lilacs are all in bloom now & so are the little wild Mayflowers & violets. So is the creeping Charlie but Pudge sprayed the lawn so now it is gone -at least for awhile!!
Kari & the kids came out on Fri & took me out for supper.The 26th is Travis'10th birthday- those kids sure grow up fast!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 1st

Yesterday was May Ist & Allan Addleman's 80th birthday!!When I was young we used to make May baskets out of construction paper or old wallpaper samples and we would pick wildflowers-violets or Mayflowers & put in the basket . Then we would go to our friends house & hang the basket on the doorknob & run so they would not see us. Especially if it was a boy!!I lived in the country so I would stay with my friend Eleanor who lived in town which gave me a chance to hang Maybaskets.I am still friends with Eleanor & we get together once a year for lunch. She used to come & stay overnight with me on the farm. She loved coming out there & I loved going into town!
I went to Menomonie Wis. yesterday to Barb Hulback's . Everything was so green& the leaves were popping out on the trees. We saw an eagle on the way home. He was sitting on a telephone pole by a small lake. We have seen him there before. Barb & Don have 3 bird feeders outside their living roomwindow & the birds were busy eating.Wesaw cardinals, woodpeckers, finches,cow birds & mourning doves. The orioles & hummingbirds are not back yet.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring news

I was reading the White Bear paper this past week especilly the want ads & here is a couple that were in there::"FOR SALE used bubblegum collection. Topp's,Fleer,Bazooka Joe--WE've chewed them all and now we're selling our collection! Call before the flavor goes away"
2nd one--"FOR RENT: 1 room shackon the bottom of White Bear Lake. Water & utilities included. Call now!" THEN I looked at the date of the paper & it was April 1st!!
Barb Hulback was here Thurs. & Fri & she did my taxes for me-I am always glad to get that done & I get some money back which is really nice!! The snow is nearly allgone but we are supposed to get some tonight--but it does not last long.This has been a nasty spring -Cold ,snow rain & a little bit of sun.
Linda, dying Easter eggs sounds fun-- I have'nt dyed any for years.I am having everyone here for Easter dinner. Pat always organizes an Easter egg hunt in the yard for the kids & the adults.The kids get wrapped presents-each kid has a colored ribbon on their present &they can only collect the present with their color ribbon on it.The adults collect plastic eggs with funny little presents inside & it is alot of fun-- one egg has a $5 bill in it but most of them are just dumb stuff!! but funny~!
Happy Spring!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Good times

Had a really great week last week. Linda was here--We went to Diane's for lunch on Tues but the weather was nasty so we did not go to Southdale to meet Donna for supper-It was snowing & blowing --just nasty!! Janet drove my car to Dianes & did a good job!!Wed. we all went to Omni theater & saw 2 shows--one on the Great Lakes & one about Cal. I have not been there for ages. On Thurs. I called the eye Dr. as my left eye had been watering & was mattery & itchy.The Dr. said I have blepharitis which is an inflammation of the eyelids so now I have an antibiotic ointment to put in eyes +artificial tears. Linda left on Fri & went to Rochester . She left for home on Sun.It was great to have her visit.
Pat came over yesterday & cleaned the cupboard under the sink & some drawers --they sure look good!! I have been embroidering some pillowcases & some dish towels but I have to go to fabric store & get some needle threaders or I will not be doing any as I cannot thread the needle without them!!
Finally we are getting spring weather 60 degrees for today!Ihave my door open to let in this nice air!! Hope everyone is enjoying it!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I went to a movie last night--"Doubt" with Meryl Streep .I liked it a lot but anything with Streep is good. She is a really good actress. I am waiting now for Pat to come & clean my food cupboard. I mentioned it yesterday when she was here & she said she would do it. Boy, She is a cleaning fool!!To her cleaning & organizing is not work but FUN!! To me it was always work!

I just finished reading book about Minn. river. It wasthe history about the river& I found it to be very interesting as we lived by the river for many years by St. Peter. I always thought it would be fun to take a boat from the beginning of the river at Big Stone Lake in western MN. to St. Paul where it joins the Mississippi. Anybody interested in doing this with me?? Somebody strong as they would have to help me in & out of boat!!

Looking forward to Linda's visit next week.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New TV

I am enjoying my new 47 in. TV.I thought it would be to big in living room but it isn't & the picture is great. But today I was going to the computer but decided to watch some TV first . After a bit I was going to change channels & I was clicking the buttons & nothing was happening--So I thought 'What is wrong with this new TV?? ' Then I realized that I had the telephone in my hand instead of the remote!!?? SENIOR MOMENT!!
I have been on the computer most of the afternoon looking at all the facebooks-A guy can spend a lot of time just doing that. We had such a good time going to Rochester last Sat to the tea put on by Janets Sweet Adelines & having Aurilia with us. I went to the casino Fri. with Mary Beth & Barb--WE took a bus tour-just for the day --we went to Hinckley. Did not win any money but we had fun & had a great lunch at the buffet.I am going to watch the Oscars tonight. Ihave not seen any of the movies but it is still interesting.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Pat & Pudge got home yesterday--I have n't talked to them yet today but I am sure they are not enjoying this cold. It got to 7 below last night. I have been going thru my recipes & recipe books-The Good Neighbor Club is going to publish a cookbook & we all have to turn in recipes. We are just in the very first stage so it will be awhile before we get it published. Anyway while reading all the recipes I got the bug to bake something. I am going to make some banana bread as I have some really ripe bananas that I had put in the freezer & they are now thawing . I have not made that for years. I want to make some Frogeye salad. I got the recipe from Jan & it is good! but I do not have all the stuff for that so will have to go shopping ---but not today! it is slippery by my driveway as it melted some the other day & now it froze. My garage door opener in the car does not work so I have to get out to shut the door & I do not care about walking on the ice!! Too scary for me!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back home

Well I am back in the frozen North. I got back from Phoenix Fri eve & the temperature was 80 above & it was 11 below in St. Paul What a change!!I reall enjoyed myself in Arizona--if you have read Pats blog she tells about all that we did.The time went really fast. Pat & Pudge would like to go down there for 3 year & I would go & stay longer also.Had a big stack of mail to sort through-Denny had been picking up our mail -Pat & Pudge have a lot too.I toured Dennys new addition yesterday-They have gotten alot done in the last 2 weeks All the walls are in so you can see what it will look like--There are 2 bedrooms & full bath ,walkin closet & hallway upstairs. I did not go into the downstairs but they have torn out the wall between the bedroom & living room so it gives him a bigger living room.
I went out yesterday to get groceries & I do not intend to go out unless absolutely necessary!!I am SO glad I do not have to go to work!!Don't worry you guys your turn will come!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Had a wonderful holiday season with family & friends--Now I am getting ready to go to Arizona on Sat for two weeks. Pat & Pudge have rented a condo there for the mon. of Jan. They left on Dec 27--they drove there. Their friends Jim & Gloria rented a condo also by them. I have talked to them & they say the weather is great --they had lunch out on the patio yesterday.It sounds great!! Also they have a heated swimming pool so yesterday I had to go to Pats house to get her bathing suit-& I am packing mine as they have a hot tub which I really liked when we were on the cruise.

Denny 's house is really shaping up-the carpenters are there every day & getting a lot done- it sure looks different with the second story on it .
Pat & Pudge took my suitcase & Gemmas with them in the car so we do not have to deal with them at the airport . Wise idea , right?? Going to the bank now to get money & then I am all set.