Saturday, December 1, 2007

General news

I thought I had posted another blog on Thurs. but Donna told me this that there was no new one--so I checked & it was in draft--I could not figure out how to get it posted then so here is a new one -Hopefully I will do this right!I wrote that we had a wonderful Thanksgiving & that I was getting tired of leftovers.I made a really good turkey soup & that is the end!! I have made a couple of batches of scones this past week to use up the heavy whipping cream that we did not use. Pat gave me some dried cranberries that I put in one batch with some orange zest- they were really good .I have frozen most of them.
Barb Hulback came yesterday to sell her craft stuff at a sale at St. Andrews church. She was there yesterday from 4pm to 8pm & today from 8:30 am to 1pm. She made a little over $100 yesterday & she isn't back yet today.I guess she will be staying here again tonight because of the snow coming down heavy fo the past couple of hours. She lives by Menomonie Wisc--about 1& 1/2 hour drive. She has 2 daughters that live here in Willernie but neither one has extra room so she sleeps here. She makes the BEST fudge so I got the ingedients & she made a batch for me last night.I intend to give it for Chistmas presents--after I give it a taste test!!
Pudge brought over the golf cart & it is now in the garage for the winter. He also checked the snowblowers which is a good thing with the snow falling today.