Thursday, April 17, 2008


We had 1 day of spring--yes terday! It was a beautiful day --now today it chilly again but no snow in the forecast--lucky us!! I am now another year older but I do not feel any older!! Thanks to everybody who sent me cards--Pat & Pudge ,Kari & fam & Mary Beth were here Sun for a nice dinner that Pat had made & we had a birthday cake & everyone sang Happy Birthday to me then we lit the candles again & sang to Kari & then once again & sang to Pat. We got a lot of mileage out of that cake!! I have rented out the basement to a young teacher until th end of the school year.She was hired at Pats school to finish out the year & she needed a place to live as she lives in Menomonie Wis. I agreed as I knew it was not permanent. Pat & Pudge are getting a new roof put on their house--There are about 8 guys over there working on it. Denny was here this a.m. with plans for an addition to his house. He is going to add a 2nd story & have 2 bedrooms, bath & laundry room up there. He is retired now & enjoys retirement.Don't we all??Pat will retire this year& that will be different for her. I enjoy reading everyones blogs --I check them every day!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

latest news--

Did we ever get snow on Mon.!! About 10 in. here.I had an appt. at the chiropractor but it was snowing and blowing so that I cancelled it. No way was I going to drive in that!! Donna was here on Sat. to get her vest & dress that I had sewed for her. Pat was here also so we went out to eat lunch at a new restaurant here in Willernie-There has been a small market where they sell meat ,cheeses & deli sandwiches. They bought the laundromat nextto it& made it into a restaurant. We now have 7 eating places here in Willernie from an upscale supper club to a coffee shop. Pat was here cleaning the downstairs as there is a possibility that I will rent it out for 2 mon. The school where Pat works hired a new teacher & she lives in Wisc. so wants a place to live until the end of the school year. I said OK but did not want anyone permanent. She came out on Sun & looked at & will let me know before Sat if she wants it.She looks about 17 !! Pat is now in Chicago with her 2 friends on their shopping trip.Their kids went together & gave them that for a Christmas present. They took the train & were looking forward to that. Bryan & family went to Florida for a week & Pudge went to St, Louis (I think) so I have Bryan's little dog Casey.She has been really good for me-When I had her before she cried & whined a lot-not this time -she is getting old so she sleeps a lot . But she has to sleepin the bed with me.She is little -about 8 lbs. The snow is just about all gone already!