Saturday, September 26, 2009

news from Willernie

I Haven't blogged for awhile but when every day is the about the same &no news it is hard to think of something to write about.I always read everyones blogs every day & now facebook.It is so much more fun to read than to write!!
I did write an email about taking a cruise in Oct. This will be my 5th one--I really like those cruises!! Two have beento the Carribean(Western &Eastern) Panama Canal & Alaska. This one is also a Carribean but different ports of call.Nassau,Bahamas-& british Virgin Islands,St Thomas USVI & Puerto Rico.
Wed. I am going to Battle Lake MN-Not far from Fergus Falls -to Maxine & Alan Johnson's house for our yearly get together with Eleanor & Maxine.Alan is on oxygen & can't drive a long ways so we are going to their house. MaryBeth is going with me as I would not drive that far by myself. I do not drive very far any more--to grocery store,bank, & mall which is about 5or 6 miles from me. I can tell that my reflexes are not what they used to be!!
I have not sewed anything for a long time but now I am going to make two blouses for the black & one print. I was looking at pix of the other cruises & noticed that I was wearing the same dressup blouse on 3 of them so decided it was time to make a new one!!.
Yesterday was cool & rainy so I made a big kettle of vegetable soup.It really hit the spot.
Oct 3rd we (Donna Janet Pat Diane & Dave ) are going to Scandia Mn.for a Swedish folk dress show.Scandia is a little north of Stillwater& was settled by Swedes.They have a museum there & several buildings(log) showing how the pioneers lived. This is also the area that the series of books--The Immigrants #1 & then 3 more but I can't remember the names of the others But they were really good books.Have any of you read them?They are fiction but really tell about the hardships of the pioneers.