Sunday, February 22, 2009

New TV

I am enjoying my new 47 in. TV.I thought it would be to big in living room but it isn't & the picture is great. But today I was going to the computer but decided to watch some TV first . After a bit I was going to change channels & I was clicking the buttons & nothing was happening--So I thought 'What is wrong with this new TV?? ' Then I realized that I had the telephone in my hand instead of the remote!!?? SENIOR MOMENT!!
I have been on the computer most of the afternoon looking at all the facebooks-A guy can spend a lot of time just doing that. We had such a good time going to Rochester last Sat to the tea put on by Janets Sweet Adelines & having Aurilia with us. I went to the casino Fri. with Mary Beth & Barb--WE took a bus tour-just for the day --we went to Hinckley. Did not win any money but we had fun & had a great lunch at the buffet.I am going to watch the Oscars tonight. Ihave not seen any of the movies but it is still interesting.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Pat & Pudge got home yesterday--I have n't talked to them yet today but I am sure they are not enjoying this cold. It got to 7 below last night. I have been going thru my recipes & recipe books-The Good Neighbor Club is going to publish a cookbook & we all have to turn in recipes. We are just in the very first stage so it will be awhile before we get it published. Anyway while reading all the recipes I got the bug to bake something. I am going to make some banana bread as I have some really ripe bananas that I had put in the freezer & they are now thawing . I have not made that for years. I want to make some Frogeye salad. I got the recipe from Jan & it is good! but I do not have all the stuff for that so will have to go shopping ---but not today! it is slippery by my driveway as it melted some the other day & now it froze. My garage door opener in the car does not work so I have to get out to shut the door & I do not care about walking on the ice!! Too scary for me!!