Saturday, November 17, 2007

bad, bad Liz!

Yeah I'm bad for not writing in this blog for so long!!I enjoy reading other peoples blogs but I get lazy & do not write in mine. I love the ones with pix & wish I could do that but My computer is too slow. Last week we went to Donna's --Jerry, Janet, Peder, Sarah & darling Aurelia were there--so guess who got all the attention even tho we were celebrating Jerry,s, Peders & Sarah's birthdays!!
Last night Pat & I went to Bloomington to a church where they have a Christmas tea.The ladies of the church have a table with 8 people --They use their own dishes & decorate the tables--We get a chance to walk around before they serve so we can see all the different tables & how they are decorated--Our table was decorated with purple & gold. We had the same hostess as last year-Donna knows her & that is how we get tickets. Her husband is our waiter. Donna will probably send some pix-Right Donna? They served mixed fruit,mixed greens salad, quiche & dessert & of course tea.
Thanksgiving at my house-almost everyone willbe here.Bobby is working so she will not be here-She works security at the airport & works every holiday--Kim is cooking for Bob's daughter & 2 grandsons. so they will not be here either. There still will be 15 people counting the kids.
Peder said they enjoy my blogs that i write about old times- I will do some more of that in the future(when I can remember some stuff!!) that will give me something to write about.