Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chicken with its head cut off!!

Time that I write here again!! I am like Donna with her 10 min. weekends--it was only yesterday that I wrote here!!!At least it seems that way. Sun. Pat & Donna & I went to Rochester to celebrate Janets birthday. We went out to eat & then came back to their place for birthday cake. Lynn & Eddie came --I havent seen Lynn for a long time. & it was good to see Eddie after he had been so sick & in he hospial.He is doing great except for a monstrous hospital bill !!--$30,000 ---& no hospitalization! Poor guy will be paying that almost the rest of his life .
I have been to the dentist twice last week-Had one small cavity & then my front bottom were getting loose. Dentist put a fine wire to the solid teeth & the covered that with dentists cement.Now they are fine!
Yesterday I got a new dining room table -new to me -It was Tiny's. Angel(Tiny's granddaughter) called Pat the other night & told her the house was sold & did she want the dining room table so she went to look at it & told me it would look good in my dining area so yesterday Pudge & Denny got it .It is really a pretty table -also has 4 chairs. I'm glad I got it.
I noticed that Sarah used the expression"like a chicken with its head cut off" but I bet you young folks do not know how this expression came about. On the farm when you cut a chickens head off & let go of it it would flop around as much as 10 feet or so from where it lost its head ,hence the expression. another bit of trivia you could have lived without!!!