Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is a pix of Trevor taken last week. I don't know where these kids get their height from!!Trevor will be 16 in Nov.& he is already 6 ft. tall!!
He is going to St. Thomas Academy this fall. He got a scholarship-He is really good at baseball as a pitcher. The school has started practicing for football already & he has gone to three practices--He was here today & was walking very stiff as he is sore from the practice!!

Duluth & company

I went to Duluth Sun. & Mon. to see Matt.This is a pix of him in his room.Hre lives in a house with 2 other guys & 2 girls. He is not far from the lake & has a great view from his window. They have 3 cats &2 dogs but the guy with the dogs was not there-he is on vacation--I saw 1 cat.It was on Matts bed when we came in.Met his girl friend also but she had to work at 5pm on Sun. We went to that restaurant ( an Italian one)for supper.It is right on the main street of Duluth. Then Matt had to work onMon.We went there for lunch before heading home .It is a Mexican restaurant--Matt is a cook there. The pix is him making our tacos.
Last weekend my brother-in- law Gene Bushard from Montana was here. He is 81 yrs old & still drives all over but his son drives the truck --They sell mufflers all over Mont & part of N. Dak. Gene just drives the car.
This year is the 60th year for Willernie as a city-they are not planning any big thing --just announcing it on the water bill.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

concert at Como

Pat & I went to a concert at Como Park last night--It was Sweet Adeline choruses from around the state. Janet was there with part of her chorus(most were on vacation) but they sang at the end> There were over 200 on the stage singing & it was VERY impressive.Ijust watched it on YouTube. I could see Janet but I knew where she was standing otherwise I do not thinkI could have found her. Denny took me & his neighbors out to eat Mon. We went to the Roman Market which is here in Willernie where the laundromat used to be. He did this because of helping him with putting up a retaining wall between their houses & me because he parked his house trailer in my back driveway while the workmen were at his house.They have good food & big portions. We have had really good weather --but we still need rain.