Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What a weekend! We really celebrated the birthdays--Fri Mary Beth, Denny & Pat were here for lunch.Mary made a really good pasta salad. Then on Sat neices & nephews were here(13) total & everybody brought something to eat so we had a great lunch.Ethan & Relia were the little ones & they really got along well.They sat on the little chairs that I have in my living room & pretended to have a tea party-Relia poured in little cups from the little teapot. & then they would pretend to drink --Then she would ask Ethan "Do you want some more?" & he would say yes.We took scads of pix of them!!- Then on Sun the family came for dinner(16) counting Denny.The only thing I fixed was a ham .Lots of good food & company over the weekend.And I do not feel any older!!
Mary Beth & Barb H. are going to the casino in Hinckley on Thurs.We have been there since last fall.
Diane made the neatest picture for me--It is pix of sisters & she had old pix of me Dorothy & Ginny.One was the 3 of us by the old Quonset hut that Ginny & Allan lived w hen he was going to college in Mpls.Can't see much of it but I know that is it. You can see the corrigated side(sp?).
I really want to thank everybody for making my 85th birhtday so special.



DD4 said...

I'm glad you had fun, Aunt Liz. We loved spending part of the day with you!

Diane's collage of you three sisters is beautiful! What a nice keepsake.

I Love Barbershop said...

You are very special to everyone who knows you.
I'm glad that you had so many celebrations for your 85th birthday.