Sunday, July 25, 2010


Donna wrote that the Kiewatt reunion was to be in the littlet0wn of Ottawa that is halfway between LeSueur & St. Peter. My folks moved ther when I was in high school.They lived on the old Kiewatt place. It had a barn &pigpen & chicken coop & outdoor toilet--No running water or electricity.My parents had 2or 3 cows & some pigs & chickens. there was a pasture & a small cornfield.The place was wired for electricity but they could not afford it so we had kerosene lamps & lanterns.
I did not want to change schools so it was decided that I could stay with Dorothy & Art in St Peter during the week & come home on weekends.The train ran thru Ottawa so I was able to ride it from St.Peter to Ottawa On Fri Eve & return on Sun at noon.The ride cost one dime!!!The conductors got to know me & were very friendly. Ginny went to school in Ottawa & the school is still standing but is very run down & is not used for anything.The old Kiewatt place is all gone --bought up by the white sand quarry which is a big enterprise in Ottawa. They ship white sand all over the country.


I Love Barbershop said...

Thanks for posting that information, Aunt Liz! The reunion was nice, but it was very hot & humid.

DD4 said...

Yes, thanks for writing about Ottawa. I saw the school, but it has lots of weeds growing in front of it. There is a tall chain link fence around it and my cousin said the quarry has bought it and will eventually tear it down.

Besides the townhall (which is 150 years old and has been restored)and the church, there are three buildings on the historical registry - so they cannot be bought or destroyed. It looks like a peaceful hamlet. I saw a flock of Baltimore Orioles take off from one of the yards I drove past.