Saturday, March 20, 2010


I guess most of you know that I was in the hospital Wed &Thurs because of low blood sugar.On Tues I was feeling dizzy & sweaty before I ate breakfast but after I ate I felt OK. Same thing before lunch & supper & also I had some tingling in my cheek. Denny was over in the evening & I told him about it . He did ask if maybeit had something to do with blood sugar but like a dummy I did not test it .SO in the morning Denny thot he should check on me before he went to his job.He woke me up & I could not talk -words very slurry & I had no strength-could barely move! Denny called 911 & the paramedics asked Denny if I was a diabetic & he said yes --They took my blood sugar & it was 50-They gave me glucose & within 5 min I could talk & answer their questions. Took me to the hospital in ambulance where they did a CTscan,Xrays of chest & an EKG.Next day the Dr, said all tests were normal. Isn't that good news? The probable reason for low blood sugar was I was on an antibiotic for ayeast infection & The antibiotic increased the diabetic meds. My meds are changed some now & I go to my DR on Mon for followup. Needless to say I am testing blood sugar 4x day.Now it has been a little high so maybe new med isn't working so well. That was sure a scare for me & everyone else!!
Kari & fam went to Az yesterday for a week. Jeff came out today & vacuumed & cleaned the kitchen-Did a good job too.
I came home on Thurs aft. Denny has been over Fri & SAt Am about 8:15 to check on me !!


DD4 said...

I'm thankful that you happened to tell Denny how you were feeling and that he followed through by checking on you in the morning. I'm also happy to see you're now checking your blood sugar regularly. We all want you around for many, many more years!

Pat said...

Glad that scare is over. Thank God for wonderful neighbors and friends. Denny is a hero in my eyes.

I Love Barbershop said...

I am joining in on the thankfulness for Denny to have come to check on you.
We love you Aunt Liz, and please make sure you check your blood sugar level every day.