Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is March??!! It is a great one! At least Pat & Pudge won't be coming home to snow & ice! Bryan called yesterday & is coming out to get his boat this weekend--he is getting fishing fever with this nice weather. Diane-the manhunt had to be scary-Did they think he was hiding in the woods by your place?
Got the bill for the overnight stay in hospital --It was $9344--Quite an expensive hotel!! One baby aspirin was $5.46.Isn't that awful?? Thank goodness my hospitalization pays for all of it. I have'nt gotten the bill yet for the rescue squad. I will probably be shocked when I see that!
A big tree across the street by the creek fell down yesterday. It hit the shed on the house across the creek from me. The tree was really rotten.Denny went over to check it out. I heard it fall but Denny saw it go down.


DD4 said...

I love this weather!

Regardless of your hospital and rescue squad bill, you're well worth it! Just don't do it again!!!

Pat said...

Sounds like it is safe for us to come home with no snow or ice in sight. I just hope nothing comes in April. That would really tick Pudge off. We will have to get the rakes out and he is not looking forward to that.